Catch These Talented Ladies!

  6th Alyssia Dominguez    7:00pm - "Mer's Music Showcase" House of Blues - Chicago. IL
  6th Andrea & The Mods    8:30pm - Panga Bar & Grille - Oconomowoc, WI
  6th Whiskeybelles    9:00pm - Potawatomi Hotel & Casino (Side Bar) - Milwaukee, WI
  7th Amileigha w/ Rebel Grace    7:00pm - Anchor Inn - Edgerton, WI
  7th Cortney Ascher w/ Grand Union    7:00pm - Anduzzi's East - Green Bay, WI
  7th The Squeezettes    9:00pm - Old German Beer Hall - Milwaukee, WI
  7th Ronnie Nyles & Tina    Private Event
  7th Andrea & The Mods    Private Party
  7th Jackie Brown    9:30pm - (JB Duo) Bugsy's Back Alley Speakeasy - Milwaukee, WI
  7th Alyssia Dominguez    Private Event
   9th The Squeezettes    7:00pm - "Dyngus Day Celebration" Kochanski's - Milwaukee, WI
  11th Alyssia Dominguez    7:00pm - Ion Pub - West Bend, WI
   12th Andrea & The Mods    7:00pm - Albaneses Road House - Waukesha, WI
  13th MRS. FUN (Connie Grauer & Kim Zick) w/ Robin Pluer & Juli Wood
    8:00pm - The Jazz Estate - Milwaukee, WI
  13th Ronnie Nyles   8:00pm - Rugans - Antioch, IL
  13th Andrea & The Mods    8:30pm - Lake Church Inn - Belgium, WI
  13th Whiskeybelles    8:30pm - Kelly's Bleachers - Wind Lake, WI
  13th Alyssia Dominguez    Anchor Inn - Newville, WI
  14th Cortney Ascher w/ Grand Union    4:00pm - Tanner's Sports Grill & Bar - Kimberly, WI
  14th Alyssia Dominguez    7:00pm - Dousman House - Dousman, WI
  14th Ronnie Nyles   7:30pm - The HUB - Dubuque, IA
  14th Lauryn w/ Road Crew    9:30pm - Paulie's Pub & Eatery - Milwaukee, WI
  14th Andrea & The Mods    Seven Hill's Pub & Grille "1st Anniversary Party" - Port Washington, WI
  15th The Squeezettes    4:00pm - "OLDP Parish Festival" Falcon Bowl - Milwaukee, WI
  20th Andrea & The Mods     6:30pm - The Golden Mast -  Okauchee, WI
  20th Jackie Brown    9:00pm - Potawatomi Hotel & Casino (Bar 360) - Milwaukee, WI
  21st Andrea & The Mods     8:00pm - Mainstream Bar & Grill - Waukesha, WI
  21st Bev Perrone   Benders - Silver Lake, WI
  21st Lauryn w/ Road Crew    9:00pm - Cue Club of Wisconsin - Waukesha, WI
  21st Katie Bea w/ Crossfire    9:30pm - Pistol Pete's - Brookfield, WI
  22nd Whiskeybelles    2:00pm - "Belles 6th Annual Sunday Funday Birthday Bash" - St. Francis, WI
  26th Andrea & The Mods     7:00pm - Albaneses Road House - Waukesha, WI
  27th Andrea & The Mods     8:00pm - House of Heilmans - West Bend, WI
  27th Lauryn w/ Road Crew    8:00pm - Foolery's Liquid Therapy - Okauchee, WI
  27th Ronnie Nyles    9:00pm - Rugan's - Burlington, WI
  27th Alyssia Dominguez    9:30pm - Knuckleheads - Eagle, WI
  27th Amy Ashby w/ The Incorruptibles    9:30pm - Mamie's - Milwaukee, WI
  28th Andrea & The Mods     8:00pm - Slinger House - Slinger, WI
  28th Cortney Ascher w/ Grand Union    9:30pm - Leap In - Kaukauna, WI
  28th Katie Bea w/ Crossfire    9:30pm - Mo's Irish Pub - Wauwatosa, WI
  28th Amileigha w/ Rebel Grace     10:00pm - AJ's Bar & Grill - Muskego, WI
  28th Alyssia Dominguez    Anchor Inn - Newville, WI
    Please visit the artist's official website for more of their performance dates