SheRocks WI Anniversary Celebration - Sunday, Feb. 25, 2018.

What a party! Our 3rd Anniversary was an awesome celebration of women in Wisconsin’s music industry. Attendance of over 200 was off the charts and the music insanely good at J&B’s Blue Ribbon Bar & Grill. Dynamic performances were the order of the day. The money raised goes directly to supporting our mission, connecting and lifting up women in our local music scene.

The Upside should also be known as the dynamic duo. Here’s what we enjoy about their music: harmonies and humor. Think Indigo Girls meets The Murmurs in 2018. With two guitars and two voices, Sam and Danielle complimented each other perfectly throughput their set of original songs. They built things up with “Guitars and Race Cars,” “Build You a House” and finished it up with a crowd sing-along to “We are Never Getting Back Together.”

Gypsies In The Palace performance saw the return of this acoustic trio – turned electric. Jamie Kellicut fronted the band with soaring vocals, her husband Greg brought a strong backbeat on drums while Ann Rakowiecki wove in a backdrop of melodic chords. The set included original songs written by Jamie like “Man on the Edge” and “Where I’ve Been,” as well as songs written by the trio; “Hands Tied Up,” and “Stepping Stones.” They also mixed in songs by Fleetwood Mac and Alicia Keys.

Wise Jennings is an alt-county/Americana (with a tinge of rockabilly) band celebrating the release of their second record, “Jennings Holler.” A powerhouse duo from Lake Geneva, Wise Jennings is Melissa Weishaar on vocals, drums and harmonica and Jeff Weishaar on vocals with a guitar in his hands and bass pedalboard through a Micro Korg at his feet. That’s all they need to create a veritable wall of sound. Wise Jennings, although new to the SheRocks audience, garnered an awesome and positive reaction to their sound. From foot stomping, fast talking rockers to high and lonesome ballads, the duo won them over with “Jump River” and the title track to their latest, “Jennings Holler.”

The Ronnie Nyles Band kicked things into full on rock and roll mode. Ronnie’s full band rattled the rafters and shook the foundations.  From the downbeat to the final cymbal crash, she owned the stage.  Ronnie performed staples from her own catalog like “Tonight” and “Movin’ On.”  The band also performed a great selection of covers including “Ain’t it Heavy” by Melissa Etheridge and an off the hook version of “Straight Up” by Paula Abdul.  With a bit of gravel, a bit of growl and a lot of swagger, Ronnie had complete control of the stage and command of the audience during her performance.

It was great to hear Alyce Hart and Matty Jay do a set of original music, including her latest release “Kiss Me While I’m Sleeping,” and a song co-written with Ronnie Nyles called “Cheers”. The studio original songs feature full band recordings but it was delightful to hear them in such an intimate way. It was like hearing the very heartbeat of the songs, with their lyrics being at the forefront. We also got to hear a cover of Bob Dylan’s “To Make You Feel My Love.” And while her music can be serious, Alyce is upbeat and into having fun with an audience between songs. She’s got a way of making you feel as though you’re listening to an old friend tell a story.

The Incorruptibles brought it all home with their rockabilly show. Amy Ashby crooned on original songs like “White Alligator Shoes” as she played percussive lines on her upright bass. Jimmy McCarthy had a perfect blend wail and twang on guitar while Bill Siebert was rock solid and steady on drums. Whether it is the blues or a rockabilly barnburner, the band puts a modern spin on songs while staying true to the classic vibe. The Incorruptibles play upbeat and fun music and they make it look and sound effortless. They just groove off each other. This band is tight! What an excellent way to cap off a day of wall-to-wall music.

We were thrilled to celebrate our third anniversary with long-time supporters and new fans. Thank you so much for buying tickets, thank you for taking part in the drawings, thank you for buying CDs, t-shirts, hats and donating prizes. Without people coming to support our artists and our mission, without people who believe in what we are doing we wouldn’t be able to put on shows like this. We also need to give a HUGE shout out to the artists who donate their time and love to share their talents for our cause and for your ears. We loved seeing so many past performers at this year’s party. YOU are the very heartbeat of SheRocks and Wisconsin, you are why we do what we do. THANK YOU one hundred times over for your kindness and talent.

SheRocks WI Singer-Songwriters Session - Erv's Mug

Our annual outdoor Singer-Songwriter Session on Sunday, August 13th at Erv's Mug in Oak Creek was a barn burner! The deck became our stage and the fans came out to support our featured artists.

The lineup was strong and included the tasty blues licks of Tina Michels Nelson and band, the country rock of Katie Beth, the soaring harmonies of The Upside and a dynamic solo performance by Ronnie Nyles.

Nothing goes with a cold beverage on a warm day like the blues ... Tina Michels Nelson delivered and then some! She commanded that blue Bonnie Raitt signature Stratocaster to sing. Well placed licks and solos accentuated the vocals and acoustic guitar of Joey Halibur and the percussion of Roi Evans. It was only the third time in SheRocks Wisconsin history that a woman has been featured on lead guitar.Tina did not disappoint! Tina performs often with Joey - catch them when you can.

Katie Beth brought her country music with her own boot-stompin", fist pumpin'. sing-along attitude. Energetic and an entertainer with mad songwriting skills, Katie Beth got the crowd into it. Whether it was an anthem or the touching story of her grandmother's battle with Alzheimer's disease, she painted pictures of personal heart. Katie Beth has a string of shows coming up in the Milwaukee area. Don not miss out!   www.katie

Songwriting duo, The Upside, drew the audience in with humor while tackling serious subject matter in their songs. Samantha Jansen and Danielle Jordan are perfect complements to one another not only in the music that they perform, but also in their stage presence. They played so well off of one another that the excitement of the audience grew with every song. Even though Sam and Danielle teamed up in late 2016, this duo is one to look out for.

Ronnie Nyles made sure that the afternoon ended on a high note with a performance that was powerful and entertaining - at the same time, she took an easy-going approach. Ronnie took requests from fans and was truly in her element. It felt like being with friends, talking about good times and making new memories. What a great experience! Sometimes it happens that way.


SheRocks WI Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

Our second anniversary was a tremendous success! Thank you to the fans and musicians who were with us that day and those who have been with us for these past two years. The mission of connecting women through and in music would not be possible who are willing to volunteer their time and talents.

To the musicians who believe in what we do, thank you for your support over the past two years. You’ve performed at our events, you’ve attended our events and you have promoted our events.

Thank you to the fans who have come along with us on this journey, thank you for your loyalty. Your support at every event provides a family atmosphere, where we meet up with old friends and make new friends. Thank you for being an audience that is sincere in your passion for music and genuine excitement to hear live, local and original music.Thank you to Glo Ramos of Berkshire Hathaway Metro Realty for your continued sponsorship of our events. Thank you to Bob Schindel and all the staff at the J&B Blue Ribbon Bar & Grill for all your hospitality and support of SheRocks. Thank you to Alicia Steffenhagen of Country Rose Promotions donating your time and photography talents.Thank you Dominic Famularo, Dave & Steve at WOP Music Productions for Sound and Lights.  It is also important to recognize our board of directors. This group works behind the scenes all year long to put on great events, with great prizes and great entertainment. From making arrangements for venues, to handling memberships, to working the door, to fundraising, to working with artists, to publicity, we have to recognize Rochelle Ciucci, Jackie Laska, Tina Michaels, Sandy Priest, Ann Rakowiecki and Tina Dimmer. Of course, without the vision of our founder Ronnie Nyles, we wouldn’t have anything to celebrate!

Now – on to the celebration! Wow. Wow. Wow. The concert hall at J&B’s Blue Ribbon Bar & Grill was filled with electricity all day. Over the course of the day, the audience got to hear six talented acts, each with their own style!

Alison Helf kicked off the day long celebration with a soulful set of covers and original music. Alison accompanied herself on guitar. Highlights of her set include an original tune “Linger” with intriguing lyrics and a melody that lilts. Alison closed her performance with an amazing version of “Oh Darling” by the Beatles.

The Zimmer Effect played high energy rock and roll with a bit of an alternative feel. From the first beat you could hear that this band was tight and ready to put on a great show. The band played tunes from their recently released EP “Pierce Street Singles.” Max (bass) and Mike (drums) laid down a tight bass and drum groove while Emily lit up the fretboard of her SG with pyrotechnic playing!

Five Star Secret shared her talents with us for the second time. Hailing from the Fox Cities area, this 20 year old is a proven songwriter. She treated the crowd to an all original set that included songs ranging from thought provoking to hilariously witty. Five Star Secret switched between guitar and ukulele and during breaks shared the stories of her songs.

Alyce Hart Band rocked the stage with driving beats and big guitars of rock, a soulful siren of a voice and tremendous harmonies. The high point of the show was an original tune called “Go.” With a blend of original music from the album “Walk In My Shoes” and cover tunes, the band put together a list of anthems and sing-alongs. The chemistry between the members was electric!

Sammy Ray and the band delivered on the promise of good time country music. Whether performing Sammy’s original music like “Northern Grown” or classics by Johnny Cash, the band was smokin’ hot and stacked with talent. Sammy would call out a song and the band was with her. As talented as Sammy is musically, she’s certainly an entertainer as well. She and the band put on a great show!

Dianna Jones Band headlined the show with a set of completely original work written by Dianna. Her music could be described as Americana Blues Rock. Dianna’s vocals powered the band that was colored with the sweet sounds of Stratocasters, a solid bass and drums that were in the pocket. The highlight of her performance was her song “Make This Fade Away.”

We are so grateful to these artists for sharing their talents and believing in the mission of SheRocks Wisconsin.
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First 2016 Showcase Rocked With Talent And Support!                          
Sunday, May 15, 2016. - Coins Sports Bar - Kenosha, WI - A. Rakowiecki
Did anyone see my socks? They are missing, because the SheRocks Wisconsin Showcase rocked them right off! What an amazing afternoon at Coins Sports Bar in Kenosha! The room was full, full of talent and people! One word sums it all up, “entertaining.” Local favorite Sweet Bev Perron opened it up with her soulful voice and lyrics. Bev also shared the stories behind her songs. I still have “110˚ in the Shade” in my head. The word “Sweet” accurately describes Bev’s vocals! Bev got us all ready for an exciting afternoon by setting the tone of a welcoming and fun atmosphere.

Our second featured artist was Sammy Ray. Sammy performed a set of original music that had the audience stomping their feet and hootin’ and hollerin’. She was energetic and entertaining throughout her performance. Sammy even brought a young guest on stage, Casseidy, to sing harmonies on her final song. And what’s that line about “up north is where we make all the beer?” From serious to hilarious, Sammy Ray brought it.

Smack in the middle was Delray, an acoustic duo who just happened to be celebrating their 3rd anniversary. Jim and Julie covered everything from Adele to Melanie to Pat Benatar and more. They kept the energy of the crowd building with their entertaining performance. Ever hear an entire room sing along to “Brand New Key?” The crowd was singing, acting silly and living in the moment with Delray.

And then there was Eminence, a hard rocking group of 5 young women from the Fox Valley area. They brought a presence to the stage that let us all know that they meant business. From the downbeat to end, the energy was high, including dueling guitars, heavy backbeats and a ton of smiles. The band’s set included songs by the Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters, Heart and Joan Jett. Eminence has talent and an upbeat approach to what they do!

Candy Eisenhauer and the Send Help Reunion Band, another hometown favorite in Kenosha, brought it all together for us. I am pretty sure that they never stopped playing once they started, they found a clever way to string songs together. The band was high energy and in great form, tight and sharp! The set included a collection of the best sing-along classic rock tunes including the Doobie Brothers and REO Speedwagon. We are so thankful that these artists gave of their time and talent to support the mission of SheRocks Wisconsin. If you were there, you know what an amazing afternoon of music it was. If you missed it, keep your eye out for these groups and see for yourself!

SheRocks Wisconsin Singer-Songwriter Session # 2
Sunday, April 10th - Dopp's Bar & Grill - A. Rakowiecki

Our second singer-songwriter session of 2016 was a blast! Our lineup featured Savanna Rose, Susannah Thorngate, Claire Kelly and Jewlz At the Singer-Songwriter sessions, the artists perform their own material, music made in Wisconsin.

A familiar face to She-Rocks supporters, Savanna started off the afternoon with a set of her own tunes from her album “Change”. All of Savanna’s work comes from some life experience. The pinnacle of Savanna’s performance was when she performed “My Hero,” a song dedicated to her father. He was right there, front and center. We even got a sneak peek at material from her upcoming album which is slated to be completed this summer. Savanna has a powerful and expressive voice and solid guitar playing skills, completely self-taught. You’ve seen her on The Transistor Show, The Viewer’s Voice Show and was recently featured “artist of the week” by Wisconsin’s Got Talent. We are so fortunate the Savanna has been our guest on more than one occasion! She’s got a busy summer ahead, including a slot at Summerfest! Keep up with Savanna Rose at:

Susannah Thorngate made her SheRocks debut at this Singer-Songwriter Session. We were delighted to have her with us. Susannah performed songs from her EP “August” including “Same Old New Day.” As she was talking with the audience about half-way through the set, Susannah commented that it her first solo performance! She usually performs with her brother Jon. What attracted us to Susannah was her ability to craft poignant lyrics. Susannah treated us to a set of dynamic songs with great insight into music. She also treated us to some new songs that she’s working on. Susannah also pours her creativity into poetry and spoken word. Check out her EP “August at

Claire Kelly took to the stage with a smile that never quit! She really shared the stories of her songs with us. Claire performed music from her October of 2015 EP “Moments to Save,” including a bouncy and hopeful-love tune called “The Coffee Song.” Her performance was joyful even in the moments on introspection. Her guitar playing, vocal timbre and phrasing fit together perfectly. Claire documents her musical journey at

You’ll read about her upcoming project, her recent run-in with Kiefer Sutherland and more! Her EP is available at: Our headliner for this Singer-Songwriter Session was Jewlz. What great performance! Milwaukee music fans know Jewlz from her work in supporting other musicians, this time she was in the spotlight. She performed a striking song called “Just Between You and Me” that she dedicated to her son. Jewlz also shared a beautiful song called “Where Do They Go?” that asks what happens after people draw their last breaths. It was a performance that was full of raw emotion with refined lyrical interpretation. We were thrilled that Jewlz agreed to be front and center and share her music with us. You’ll see Jewlz performing around Milwaukee with Scott Berendt and rooting for other Milwaukee artists!
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SheRocks Wisconsin Celebrates 1st Year  Ann.Rawowiecki

A year ago a dream was realized when a group of musicians and music lovers came together to form SheRocks Wisconsin. The organization's purpose is to support, connect, promote and recognize women in our local music industry.     

What better way to celebrate a full year than with a full day of music with a full house?
As a member of SheRocks Wisconsin and one of the performing artists, Sunday, November 29th had been marked on my calendar for months.  From the moment I walked into the room, I could feel what everyone else was feeling: anticipation.  We all knew that it would be a great day of live music, but no one would have been able to predict what we heard and saw!

We are so thankful to our artists: Savanna Rose, Genevieve Heyward, Candy Eisenhauer & The Send Help Reunion Band, Jude Kinnear, The Dots, Nora Collins and 76 Juliet - they kept the crowd singing, dancing, and clapping along. The artists came from Appleton, Kenosha, Lake Geneva and the Milwaukee area. 

I kept hearing the same things from the audience and the artists alike throughout the day: “talented,” “amazing” and “so much fun.”
That’s exactly what a SheRocks event is supposed to do: expose talented artists to new ears and be fun for the audience. At our Anniversary Celebration, the crowd got to hear everything from country, classics, acoustic, full-blown rock bands, covers and originals.  From the up and coming to the established artists it was a tremendous show, stacked with showmanship, musicianship and entertaining antics.
It’s also fun for the artists! It isn’t often that gigging musicians have the opportunity to see each other perform. “Really looking forward to hearing you,” or “it’s great to put a real face with a name,” I heard that on more than one occasion. 
Year one is in the books and we are excited for the coming year and our 2nd Anniversary Celebration.

Special Thank You
To everyone for sharing their talents, J&B Blue Ribbon Bar & Grill for hosting the our Anniversary and to our event sponsor Glo Ramos of the A-Team with BHHS Metro Realty. Our event supporters Tina Dimmer of Designs Unlimited, Meritage - Milwaukee, Tina Michels Nelson - Consultant for Mary Kay, Dominic with WOP Music Productions and Stella Productions Thank you again to everyone for helping make the this SheRocks 1st Year Anniversary Celebration the success it was!
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